Incoming: DJ Figo – Electro Chaaby

DJ Figo Maraganat

For a few years now Electro Chaabi has been turning weddings across Cairo into proper raves. Defined by its nosebleed BPMs, cut & paste edits, enough autotune to fuck off T-Pain and jokes, socially conscious lyrics, true to its name, Electro Chaabi is quite Chaabi.

DJ Figo’s latest album, creatively titled “Electro Sh3by”, is reflective of all of this. Across the album’s 7 tracks there is A LOT going on. Tracks range from total cringe (Masr Hatefdal Bladna) to the straight out banger (Ma7tet Elmashaheer) and all variants in-between. By all variants we mostly mean some choice Spanish language vocals. Seriously.

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Salam City, Cairo, Egypt





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